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Who run the world 2019
Spray paint on Winsor Cotton canvas




34FineArt is delighted to introduce the work of Mrs Banksy to our collectors.

Who is Mrs Banksy ?

Could it be Banksy, or his bored wife? A Banksy sex change to go with the times? Not Banksy, Not Not Banksy, another Brainwash, Banksy copies with a twist, affordable Banksy or just a rip off?

34 FineArt has been at the forefront introducing International cutting edge Contemporary and Urban art to our South African audience since 1991. Artists like Banksy, Mr. Brainwash, BAMBI, Blek le Rat, C215, AME72, Jeff Koons, Chuck Close, Nan Golding, Cindy Sherwood, Yoshitomo Nara, Yayoi Kusama, the first Chinese Contemporary Exhibition in 2007, Solo Exhibition by Takashi Murakami in 2006 and the first ever Urban Street Art Exhibition to name but a few highlights.

Five years ago 34FineArt opened a branch in the UK and kept on building a strong relationship with International artists and clients and participating in numerous International Art Fairs and exhibitions.

Now once again we are showing the works by this very controversial, ellusive and secretive artist making headlines all over the world at the moment. Now is the time to consider adding a work by this artist to your collection. Her work sells out within seconds whenever there is a drop. "Speculators" are selling open edition prints with an original release price of only 25 UK Pound right after release for up to 300 UK Pound on EBAY. Girl with Balloon ( a very iconic BANKSY work ) but done by Mrs BANKSY recently sold, after fierce bidding at auction for 15 000 UK Pound. Girl with Balloon edition of 150 by anonymous BANKSY will be featured in the September auction at Sotheby's London with an estimate of between 80 000 to 120 000 UK Pound.

Mrs BANKSY's works are of the highest quality, spray painted with love on either Winsor Cotton Canvas or on 300gms Langton card. Each work is signed and uniquely numbered by the artist and is accompanied by an impressive COA with a real 10 UK Pound note with unique serial number. Remember the days when you could buy a Banksy edition from the 34FineArt for a meagre R 75 000 ? The current price for the same edition work is now 90 000 UK Pound.

This presents you with another opportunity, but above all enjoy the show!

 Andries Loots +27 82 354 1500

 Fred de Jager +44 7760 898730